Bagster Ready Luxe Kawasaki Z900 2020-2021 Black Bultex Seat

Bagster Ready Luxe Kawasaki Z900 2020-2021 Black Bultex Seat
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Brand: Bagster
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BAGSTER READY LUXE KAWASAKI Z900 2020-2021 BLACK BULTEX SEAT Bagster is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for aftermarket motorcycle seats. These seats are a huge improvement in comfort and style. To make things easy for you, we stock the most popular seats in the best looking configurations available! Will this Bagster seat fit my bike? As these seats are bike specific it is very important to always double check if the seat will fit your bike, we add all the information you need in the product title but for sake of ease here is what you need to look out for, this seat is right for you if your bike is: * From brand: Kawasaki * Motorcycle model: Z900 * Model year: 2020, 2021 If you own the right brand and model, but the bike is older/newer than specified, unfortunately it is unlikely the seat will fit. These seats are truly custom made and a bike from a different model year can have a completely different construction. Please carefully check the information as

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