Brembo 15 RCS Corsa Corta

Brembo 15 RCS Corsa Corta
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Brand: Brembo
Size: N
232.93 GBP 258.62 GBP

A new addition to the Brembo RCS lineup for 2019: The Brembo 15 RCS Corsa Corta! It’s not just a fancy name, it’s a new technology to further improve performance and adjustability. The new 3-way adjustment wheel allows you to adjust the biting point. In the Normal (N) position, the brake lever will feel like OEM equipment and is perfect for city riding or poor weather conditions. Turn the wheel to the Sport (S) position and the free play is less, resulting in a more direct feel ideal for spirited street riding and track riding. Turn the wheel one position further to Race (R) and the free play is almost zero, resulting in a very direct feel comparable to how MotoGP master cylinders feel. This position is ideal for experienced track riders, cup racers and professionals alike! Apart from the 3-position wheel, you will of course still find the RCS system to adjust the pivot distance from the lever to the piston. Switch it to 18 mm for track use or set it to 20 mm if you want a more

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