Dainese P. D1 Pred Denim 38

Dainese P. D1 Pred Denim 38
Kategoriat: Tuotemerkit, Dainese
Brand: Dainese
Size: 38
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If you are reading this you are probably aware of the fact that riding denim is not nearly as protective as full leather riding pants. Casual riding wear has come a long way however, and over the last couple of years the protective properties of this kind of motorcycle apparel have taken huge leaps forward. That having said let’s take a look at what the latest fruits of Dainese’s innovation have got to offer: Dainese’s D1 Evo and D1 Pred Evo pants Product Information Before we dig deeper in the specifications that these pants boost, we would like to explain the differences between these two pairs of riding denim. Luckily we can be short about them: Dainese’s D1 Evo pants are the somewhat “upgraded” version of the D1 Pred. Evo. They come with integrated Pro-Shape soft protectors right out of the box where the D1 Pred. Evo do not. The Pred. Evo however feature larger knee pockets in order to accommodate thicker grade Kit J Knee armor. These riding pants form the latest generation