Nexx X.Viliby Streetgeist Titan Matt 2XL

Nexx X.Viliby Streetgeist Titan Matt 2XL
Brand: Nexx
Size: 2XL
211.96 GBP 249.36 GBP
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The Nexx X.Viliby is a great jet helmet by Nexx. A jet helmet provides ultimate freedom, and often gives you that classic look. Because of this classic look you often see Chopper/Retro riders loving this type of helmet. Not only do they often provide excellent ventilation and field of view, they are the lightest type of helmets out there. This X.Viliby only weighs 1400g. The low weight provides excellent freedom making the jet helmet a great choice for riders who love to ride in sunny weather. If this X.Viliby is not the helmet you are looking for, don’t worry we have a lot of other Nexx jet helmets () in our collection.