Nexx X.WED2 Plain Matt Desert XL

Nexx X.WED2 Plain Matt Desert XL
Brand: Nexx
Size: XL
266.45 GBP 313.47 GBP
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The Nexx X.WED2 is a great helmet by Nexx for Adventure/Touring riders. Adventure helmets are awesome for those riders that love to ride on a dirt road, but also want to have a helmet that performs well on tarmac. Adventure helmets are known for their comfort, ventilation and versatility. They sport a MX helmet style peak to block sunlight and protect you from roost or low hanging branches and have a larger eyeport to accomodate a pair of MX goggles. If this X.WED2 is not the helmet you are looking for, don’t worry we have a lot of other Nexx adventure motorcycle helmets () in our collection.