Nolan N70-2 X Grandes Alpes 26 Metal White Blue Red 2XL

Nolan N70-2 X Grandes Alpes 26 Metal White Blue Red 2XL
Brand: Nolan
Size: 2XL
224.42 GBP 284.94 GBP
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The N70-2 X is a crossover helmet inspired in an off road look. This new Nolan series delivers a highly customizable product, and that is something that we like! It offers the opportunity to adapt your helmet to your riding mood and type of trip, because eight different helmet configurations does indeed provide a lot of flexibility! Have fun puzzling with 3 removable elements: visor, protective chin guard and peak, and create the combination you desire. All combinations have been carefully tested by Nolan and are P/J homologated. And if this did not convince you yet, the N70-2 X is also equipped with an ultrawide visor (Pinlock included) and a LEXAN TM sunscreen that is both scratch and fog resistant, as well as adjustable and removable, providing you optimal visibility during sunny riding hours. The N70-2 X is a compact and flexible helmet with a shell made of polycarbonate materials that comes in two different sizes. The exclusive“AirBooster Technology” guarantees optimal