Pinlock Color Insert AGV K-3 SV and K-5

Pinlock Color Insert AGV K-3 SV and K-5
Brand: AGV
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28.46 GBP
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Pinlock offers a great solution against shield/ visor fogging.The Pinlock original insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and thanks to that technology you will not get a foggy visor. The insert has a silicone seal that creates a double shield system. The Pinlock visor is suitable for the AGV K-3 SV and the K-5 helmets. Clear: This clear insert is now being supplied with the helmet as standard by most helmet manufacturers. This insert offers you clear and fog free vision under normal weather conditions. Light Smoke: If the sun is shining with partially cloudy skies, the Light Smoke is the perfect insert. This lightly tinted insert offers comfortable vision under these conditions. Dark Smoke: If the sun will be shining at full force, the time has come to equip your visor with the Dark Smoke insert. This insert provides excellent protection against the most brilliant of sunshine. Yellow: If it will be heavily cloudy or the weather conditions will be changing, an insert