REV'IT! Core Black midlayer XYL

REV'IT! Core Black midlayer XYL
Kategoriat: MP-osat,MP-satulat
Brand: REV'IT!
Size: XYL
49.87 GBP
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The Core jacket is a entry-level insulating mid layer that you can basically wear underneath practically every outer shell which doesn’t include a thermal liner. It’s highly breathable, lightweight and packable. These three characteristics work together to create an ideal mid layer. Since it’s highly breathable, it allows your body to retain the heat it needs to stay warm but get rid of the unnecessary moisture that could cause you to get and/or stay cold. Because of its lightweight properties, you won’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable. And it’s easy to stow away in case you don’t need it. For example, the Core is compact enough to put under the seat of most bikes or put away in a backpack. Take it everywhere you go, whether you’re on or off the bike.